Accommodation to all registered participants can be arranged in the International Hostel/Hall-12 of IIT Kanpur. Each registered participant will be provided instructions through email using which he/she can request for the accommodation as per his/her requirement. Accommodation charges are not part of registration fee.

Following are the accommodation charges:

Non-student participant International  Hostel TBD
Student participant Hall-12, Hall-6 TBD

Note: Once you complete the registration for the conference and/or the workshop(s), you will receive an email on your registered email address in few days from Kindly follow the instructions and fill your travel and accommodation details (we have started sending travel and accommodation registration emails since (Date to be decided)). If you have not received any email or in case of any travel/accommodation related queries kindly send a mail to

However if any participant wishes to stay in hotel outside IIT kanpur then following is the list of few such hotels in Kanpur:


Here is a list of other hotels located near IIT Kanpur. Travel time should normally be under 30 minutes from IIT Kanpur.

Here are some options that are slightly further away.